Childhood Eczema

Any condition affecting the skin affects us on every level of life. The way we look and feel in our skin affects not only our own well-being but how we are perceived and interact with those around us. The self-esteem of a young adult or child is greatly affected by their personal appearance. As a young mother I remember the difficulty encountered trying to do any quick errand with my beautiful baby daughter in tow. At the tender age of 6 months her angelic face and sweet sparkling personality could draw a crowd of admires out of thin air. Shopping day at the local store could take hours as one after another complete stranger stopped for just a moment to comment on the lovely child. Leaving her behind with a setter was the only way to get anything done quickly.

She was 12 months old when she developed a bad case of eczema. Her moist soft pink cheeks and chin became horribly dry and cracked changing the perfect face of an angel to something much less attractive. Her acute disappointment at being looked past and over was evident one afternoon while waiting in the checkout line at the local grocery store. Bubbling sweetly in the cart, flashing her normally captivating smile failed to draw a single admirer. She of course had no idea how the eczema had affected her appearance and was crest fallen when no one paid her any attention. Looking around at the other patrons it was evident they were unaffected by the antics of the ill affected child. Her personality was as vivacious as ever but the package had lost its attraction.

Her skin cleared quickly bringing the return of her thronging admires. The whole incident was forgotten leaving no lingering after affects as she continued to grow, blooming into who she would become. The memory of that day provided a life lesson I have never forgotten. We are all drawn to beautiful things and people, but how often have we looked past some precious little something and completely missed an opportunity that will never come again.

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Someone recently asked me for a bit of natural healing support for dealing with the all too common detoxing backlash known as “The Cleansing Crisis”.

A cleansing crisis need not drive a frightened first timer to the emergency room. A good understanding of the process and the use of a few herbal supports can quickly clear any uncomfortable detoxing reaction when applied with understanding. Before freaking out “think,” ask the question; “What is really happening?”

I will deal lightly with the most common symptoms below, for a more detailed discussion and explanation of how to handle the issues refer to various articles found in the Lady of Herbs website.

Breaking out in Hives would indicate the liver is unable to process toxins out through normal channels so is using the skin to detox. This is not the best of ideas and can be quickly remedied by doing an ELF once assured the bowels are open and moving well.

will occur when the bowels are not open. There are several supports that will aid the body in moving a flush along, calming an upset tummy quickly but they will only work if the bowels are open and waste is moving well. When the bowels are backed up leaving no open avenue for natural removal of the flow of toxins vomiting will occur. Don’t be discouraged, do the necessary work to clear the bowel before continuing onto the more detoxing programs.

Swelling can occur for many reasons. Depending on the issues in the body proper herbal support needs to be in place for any heart or kidney issues before moving into the stronger detoxing programs. The scary painful swelling that occurs when infection is rapidly moving from the lower levels to the upper systems for elimination can appear with sudden intensity. Only the most experienced natural healer would not lose it when facing this crisis. Truthfully it is easily handled and quickly cleared with the Charcoal Flaxseed (infection) poultice applied as needed over the affected area. The body is doing its job perfectly; our job is to support the process of infection removal.

Lose to Watery Bowels again can be the result of waste moving rapidly from the system. This is often not something to be arrested unless the condition persists; in which case dosing with the LBF #2 formula will quickly clear the issue. Use the LBF #2 episodley to tighten the bowels back up. Using a rounded teaspoon in 6 oz of water works well for lose crampy bowels. If the bowels have turned to water use a large tablespoon in 12 oz of water with each episode.

Dizziness also known as Vertigo; Chest pain; in fact any issue dealing with the movement of blood can be cleared instantly with a good dose of Cayenne Tincture. No one hits the floor with a mouth full of Cayenne. Cayenne moves blood quickly clearing any blockage carrying oxygen rich blood to the affected areas.

Constricted breathing, asthmatic conditions will end with the next intake of breath when using Lobelia.

Lobelia is also natural healing first aid for muscle spasms, Charlie horses, cramps ect.. relief is normally found in five to fifteen minutes.

Keep your Cayenne and Lobelia handy when detoxing they work quickly often preventing a bump in the road from becoming a crisis.

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Supporting Our Friends

Initiating our novice friends into the rewards of cleansing and healing naturally can be a bit intimidating. We all faithfully spread the word just by showing up and being who we are. Nothing is more validating than someone asking intelligent questions and waiting to hear the answers.

Now is not the time to unload too much information onto your trusting friend. Resist the temptation to plunge your friend or loved one into a heavy detoxing program.

Stop thinking what you will say to them and just listen for a bit. Why now? What is happening in their life to cause them to want more information? How can their issue be herbally supported?

Here are a few basic guides for beginners.

  • Bowel Cleansing: The Bowels must be open and working well. There is no way one can start a detoxing program in a constipated body.
  • Boosting the Immune System: Use an ounce a day of Echinacea extract, four days each week, during any detox or cleansing program.
  • Nutrition: Stop putting junk into your body and begin to feed your cells. This is done with fresh juices and Superfood.

Beginning to use herbal tonics for specific issues such as Female complaints, Diabetes or Heart issues can be added right from the start with excellent results.

Following these suggestions will keep the detoxing backlash to a minimum while building a good foundation for the more intense detoxing programs to follow.

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Hormonal Support for Women’s Hair Loss

Hair loss is the first symptom of hormonal imbalance for many women. Sometime between thirty-five and forty-five most women will notice their hair beginning to thin. This natural thinning can become alarming when a simple brush stroke produces a hand full of hair. Very few of us can afford to drag our feet, something must be done quickly.

Balancing the Hormones will normally put a quick end to hair shedding issues for most women. Below is a Natural hormone balancing program. Over the past 20 years I’ve seen these Herbal Supports quickly clear hot flashes, night sweats, hair loss issues, PMS, ect…

Female Formula: 1 ½ teaspoons daily.

This can be broken down to three ½ teaspoon portions for those experiencing hot flashes and night sweats.

Use ½ tsp. in the morning and the rest can be used before problem times during the day. An example would be if you have late afternoon hot flashes take the lion’s share of your dose in the early afternoon. This will ensure a good amount of the herbal support in the blood when most needed.

When night sweats are an issue take a dose at bedtime.

Those not experiencing these issues can take the full dose of 1 ½ teaspoons in the morning.

Bringing Balance through Liver Flushing

Juice Fasting and Flushing the Liver area equivalent to hitting the restart button on life. When the body is out of whack a good week of liver flushing will aid in rebalancing the systems as it clears a good layer of toxins from the body. Doing an ELF, (Emergency Liver Flush), once or twice a week until all issues have cleared will continue to be helpful.

Changease Formula

The Changease can be added when some menopausal symptoms persist even after doing the program above. Changease is a hormonal food formula providing the additional nutrients needed by the body to support the hormones during the last stages of menopause. This formula is normally used along with the Female Formula.

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Making an Herbal Salve

Today let’s put something together for those brave souls willing to advance into salve making. Over the years many of our members have asked for a good set of directions.

The Salves made by HEAL are done by extracting the properties of the herbs into extra virgin olive oil then hardening the oil with a bit of bees wax. The salves can then be used to saturate the area needing support with the herbal nutrients by way of the skin. Drinking a supporting herbal extract in water or juice three to five times a day will work in addition to the salve to aid in clearing the condition.

To begin the process one will need three equal amounts of the herb or herb mix to be extracted into the olive oil. The larger the amounts of herbs the more salve you will be able to make. Three 8 oz portions of herbs will extract into around 70 ounces of the olive oil. The three packs of herbs will be extracted one after the other into the same oil. This is called making a salve to the 7th powder. When this triple extraction process is completed I don’t believe the oil could hold more nutrients.

Use a dehydrator oven set to 150 degrees.

Mix the first pack of herbs into the amount of oil you will be using. This is the only time you will add oil to the process, be generous but at the same time don’t over dilute the herbs. Depending on the type of herbs in the formula the amount of oil used can be increased or decreased. A good rule of thumb is the use of between 8-9 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil per 1 oz dry herb or herb mix.

Set pan with oil and herb mix in the oven for three hours at 150 degrees

Remove hot oil mix from oven and strain through wire mesh strainer. Allow the oil to drip from the loose herbs for an hour or so to ensure as much of the oil has been recaptured as possible. Do not use any cloth material when straining out the herbs as it will absorb a large amount of your oil.

Add second herb pack into oil and return to dehydrator over for another 3 hours at 150 degrees.

Remove Hot Oil –Strain out used Herbs—Add Third Pack and return to over for another three hours.

Your oil is now finished. You can use the oil as is or continue on to thicken it into a slave.

Adding the Bees Wax

When adding the Bees Wax you will need the following items:

  • Bees Wax: The amount used will depend on how much oil is being processed.
  • Two Cooking Thermometers
  • Small pot for melting wax
  • Pot for warming oil
  • Salve Jars
  • Turkey baster for transferring the liquid salve to the jars

Pour the nutrient rich oil into large pot and warm to no more than 150 degrees. Ensure this with the cooking thermometer.

Pour an amount of bees wax into small pot and heat until liquid. This will be well over 200 degrees when melted. Allow wax to cool to at least 180 degrees before mixing with the 150 degree, cooler oil or the wax will clump instead of mixing throughout the oil mix.

Start by mixing only a small amount of wax into the oil mixture. Now sprinkle a few drops on a cool surface to see the consistency. You are looking for something a bit firmer than Vaseline. If after the drops have cooled properly they are not quite firm enough then add a bit more wax. Remember adding more is easy, removal when too much has been added is impossible. Take your time with the process.

When the salve consistency is correct here is a tip for quick wax clean up.

Line a storage container with foil and pour any left-over wax from the pot into the storage container. After removing as much of the left over wax as possible from the hot pot add 1 or 2 cups of the oil into the wax pot. Swish the oil around to absorb the residue of the wax from the sides of the pot. Pour oil back. The wax pot should now clean easily with soap and water.

Use your turkey baster to transfer the hot liquid into your salve jars.

Cover jars with clean towel; leave lids off unto completely cooled: Overnight is good.

Label and enjoy. Store in cool room or fridge.




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‘People-watching’ has changed.

No one is with anyone anymore. It used to be fun watching how people interacted together but those days are gone. I was watching a lively group of friends exit the same car each was talking or texting, completely ignoring the society surrounding them. Over and over again it was the same, setting at tables in the restaurant whole families, each member silently tapping away on their cell phones. Everyone seemed to have something to say just not, apparently, to anyone at their table.

What has amazed me is no one appears offended or embarrassed. Ignoring present company would seem to be downright rude or at the least in poor taste, unless all in company share an unspoken agreement. This would seem to be the case.

A single friend beginning a new relationship shared how her date spent the entire evening texting or talking on his cell phone but still expected the rewards of an intimate date. No connection required. Have we stopped showing up even for the fun stuff?

Life is all about showing up. How many of us have stopped showing up. Wherever we are we’re on the cell texting or talking. Life is happening right in front of us but we miss it because we are looking down. We are somewhere else. How boring is it to have someone in your pocket 24\7. There is nothing new to share when you are side by side breathing the same air.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I remember how much fun it used to be to have a girl’s night out to catch up. We’d share the new stuff in our lives. The words that passed between us were full of life, our facial expressions and tone of voice added depth to our words. During the evening together an emotional connection was made. The warmth of that connection stayed in our hearts long after our visit was over. It’s called making memories.

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Wound Care

Successful treatment of difficult wounds requires an understanding of the entire person, not just the wound. Life’s little boo boo’s can be serious injuries for people with poor circulation or one of any number of chronic diseases. Over the years we have found several herbal supports which aid in quickly healing even the most stubborn wounds.

The Infection Salve has been renamed by many of our members as the “Healing Salve”. The reason is how fast wounds heal when this salve is applied. The slowest healing wounds disappear in days instead of weeks or months. The herbs in this formula not only fight infection but also work to knit the skin and tissue back together.

Ensuring adequate oxygen and nutrition to the wound

First Aid: The use of Cayenne topically right into the wound as soon as a break in the skin is detected will greatly speed healing. Cayenne will instantly arrest (stop) even the worst bleeding while continuing to stimulate circulation in and around the wound.

Local constriction of the veins and vessels are the usual reason for lack of good oxygen to the wound. Constriction can result because the affected area is kept too cold, driving the blood deeper into the tissue, away from the skin’s surface. The nutrient rich blood is also unable to properly feed the affected area.

Herbal First Aid for a Cut: Flush area with Cayenne extract to arrest bleeding. Apply pressure as needed. Apply Infection Salve and cover with natural fiber bandage only. (Cayenne will not heat up on the outside of the body if the wound can breathe. Avoid all plastic bandages, natural fiber only when using Cayenne as a first aid.)

Herbal Support for Abrasions: An Abrasion can cause serious issues particularly to the paper thin skin of the elderly. Stop the bleeding with Cayenne and properly clean the wound as needed. Apply the Infection Salve and bandage as needed. In most cases the skin will heal in a day or two using this procedure.

Puncture Wounds: Drip Cayenne directly into the wound this will not only stop the bleeding but will disinfect the wound. Bandage with the infection Salve. For deep wound infection use the Charcoal/Flax Seed Poultice (Infection Poultice) overnight then bandage as normal with the Infection Salve.

Decubitus Ulcers: Flush or Soak the affected area with Hot Cayenne Water. This is made with ½ teaspoon Cayenne tincture to each Gallon of Hot Water used. This will stimulate circulation into and around the wound. After the soaking if the wound is deep pack it with the “Healing Poultice” and “Infection Salve”. Each day soak the affected area in Hot Cayenne Water reapplying the “Healing Poultice” as needed.

When dealing with feet Ulcers the cayenne soak is a simple procedure. Decubitus Ulcers on the back and bottom of the person are a bit harder to treat. In the case of these soak a towel in the hot cayenne water and lay over the affected area changing as needed when application cools down. Allow the hot towel application to continue for ½ hour before applying the Healing poultice and bandage.

Note: Using the Infection salve around and in the Ulcers speeds the healing. It can be tricky getting the poultice to stay in the wound with the oily salve coating the area. Only using the salve around the top of the ulcer is helpful.

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Going Home Again

It has been some time since I sat down with the intent of writing a new thing, allowing the truth in me about my life to flow. My life has been in flux, many changes and new realizations. Truth can be painful, the truth about myself is much easier to ignore than embrace. What is this truth? Even now as it flows from me the distastefulness of owning this part of me begs leave to be heard.

I’ve been dealing with feelings of depression, anger, and the urgent desire to lash out at… what? Will I ever allow myself to know what is driving me? Must I continue blindly on with all this emotional confusion never knowing why?

Both my parents are now dead. My Father passed a few months ago, my mother nearly 10 years ago. My initial reaction is good riddance to all the badness they created. Watching the lives of my siblings, each one so broken, yet they seem so unaware of the evil done to them. The insidiousness of our parents’ refusal deal with their emotional issues infected each of us. Spending our formative years in constant company with these emotionally sick adults warped our perceptions making what a heathy individual would understand to be atrocious behavior a common place occurrence in our lives. Our children and grandchildren are showing the twisted brokenness of a soul misused and abused. Who has done this to these little ones.

The healing that has come into my life over the past 30 years has not been achieved without cost. The biggest cost has been that of discovering or at least to some degree discovering how deep the rabbit hole of debauchery extends within my family. I’ve also learned a few things about broken people; as long as they are comfortable in their lives, regardless how broken, they will refuse to change or acknowledge their need for change. More often than not the pain of life must become overwhelming before we are driven to our knees or to the office of a qualified counselor.

The loss of the intimate ties of family became necessary as my healing journey has emotionally separated me from the people and environment I grew up in. Conversation topics and daily occurrences that were once common have become unbearably distasteful. Those who have failed to work on themselves no longer fit in my life. They are missed.

There are no easy answers or fitting tripe replies to smooth over these issues. The loss is real. The inability to help is frustrating. The Serenity prayer so many have used seems fitting here but still of no real help. Yes, I accept the thing I cannot change. The wisdom to know the difference came years ago. The only person I can truly affect or change is me. The changes in my life have served to irritate those who refuse to work on themselves while attracting those who have.

So why the depression and anger? My life is good, I’ve been so blessed. The death of my father opened a door to the past allowing a flood of its badness to wash into my life. I’ve been awash in all the “should haves” and “could have’s”. Time to let it all go once again, shut the door, and move on.

My healing Journey continues, part of my healing process was done when I shared my story, Whatever Good May Come. The Book is available as an Audio, Kindle or Paperback copy.

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Organic Minerals Only

One of the most amazing discoveries about chaparral is that it contains a tremendous amount of Manganese, copper, and zinc.

These are organic, living, readily assimilable minerals—not the deadly inorganic type that you can purchase in tablets at the local vitamin store.

While the inorganic minerals may have an immediate reaction on the human system, they only serve to mask the problem while temporarily alleviating the symptoms. These inorganics are only a crutch which will lead to greater problems later as organs are weakened from the deadly residue they leave behind.

The organic forms of minerals found in fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds (this list includes the herbs) are the only type of minerals we need in our bodies. We have repeated this principle many times. The point needs to be understood that people have to use organic minerals. Only plant life can utilize the inorganics.

Even though this fact has been presented again and again, we still see folks eating rock tablets for calcium supplements and heavy metals for the rest of their minerals. Once they understand the truth of the matter, they will stop doing damage to their bodies.

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Strep Throat

Several cases of Strep Throat have come to my attention this past week. The changing weather often will bring on the cold and flu season. Strep throat is a bacterial throat infection that can make your throat feel sore and scratchy. Only a small portion of sore throats are the result of strep throat.

It is important for any number of reasons to clear Strep Throat quickly before the infection is allowed to spread to, or weaken other areas of the body. Due to the contagious nature of this illness preventive measures should be used when possible. The infection is typically spread in the form of airborne respiratory droplets.

Strep Throat Prevention

  • Keep eating utensils, dishes, and drinking glasses separate from any infected person.
  • Do not to share food and drinks, napkins, handkerchiefs, or towels.
  • Cover the mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough to prevent the release of infected airborne droplets.
  • Washing the hands frequently will prevent the infection being spread to others.

Natural & Herbal Suggestions for Clearing Strep Throat

Here are a few suggestions that have been used repeatedly over the years with great success.

ICE POULTICE: At the first sign of a sore throat apply an Ice Poultice to the neck. If done at the first sign of discomfort this procedure will often completely clear the issue. The Ice Poultice can be reapplied as needed to knock down the puss pockets and clear throat discomfort.

FOUNDATIONAL INFECTION PROGRAM: Using the Herbal Antibiotic every three hours and Echinacea as suggested in the Infection Information Sheet. These formulas support the body as it processes the infection from the body.

GARLIC PASTE TO THE FEET: This procedure will support the clearing of any infection found anywhere in the system. The Garlic Paste Story. Garlic Paste Q&A Directions for Doing the Garlic Paste

M&L Salve: Use the M&L Salve as a pack over swollen lymph nodes around the neck area, under the arms or around the legs.

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